At Garmany Golf, we don’t plan trips or vacations. We create unforgettable, life-changing Experiences (and yes, we always use a capital "E"!)

We offer three types of Experiences to fit your dreams and desires whether you're traveling alone or with a large group. In addition to Bucket List Golf, luxurious accommodations and world-class Concierge service, every Experience we create can include additional “tour services”, such as whisky/whiskey distillery tours, private castle dinners, historical tours, privately guided fishing tours and anything else that you can dream up! Contact our Concierge Team today so we can assist you in building out your customized Bucket List Experience!


Independent VIP Experiences

Our Concierge Team will work with you throughout the entire Experience planning phase and will be at the group’s disposal for all pre-departure preparation and travel counsel. Our Team will continue to be in contact with each of the properties included on your itinerary during your Experience to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and frees you up to simply concentrate on having an unforgettable Experience instead of having to worry about trivial details. Additionally, our Concierge Team is always available to the group during your Experience and with office locations throughout the world, one of our Concierges is just a phone call away at all times.


Concierge Led VIP Experiences

In addition to the work our Concierge Team executes in the planning and pre-departure phases of your Experience, a Garmany Golf Concierge will accompany your group and provide individualized world-class Guest service for all Guests 24/7. Your Concierge is at the beck and call of each and every Guest, providing the ultimate in luxury, convenience and comfort in group travel.


Corporate VIP Experiences

There are very few moments that serve to inspire and motivate a group or a team like treating them to an unforgettable Experience that creates lifetime memories. Our Concierge Team will work with you to create a customized Experience that serves as a fantastic source of inspiration to everyone in your organization. Bucket List destinations, world-class Guest service, fantastic itineraries for golfers and non-golfers alike, accentuated by an unparalleled attention to detail; these are the qualities and characteristics of an Experience that will set your organization apart and lead to new levels of productivity and accomplishments for your team or organization!